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Accommodation is available for 30 people in various room sizes. All are air-conditioned and fully carpeted with cushioned beds and attached private bathrooms (24 hour hot water).

Internet, WiFi, Fax, ISD & STD facilities, travel info and assistance available.
Fully air-conditioned carpeted lobby.
Hygienic kitchen and three vegetarian meals served daily.
Temporary membership available upon request.



Our temple offers hall space that can be used for meditation, yoga and pujas. We have regular morning and evening services at 6AM and 6pm daily. Visitors are always free to sit and meditate in the shrine hall. Our resident monks are also free to answer any questions about Buddhism.



We offer quiet air-conditioned accommodations with private washrooms. Our rooms have either two or three beds, though additional beds can be brought in to accommodate groups. All rooms are secured and include a lockable closet inside.



We offer an air-conditioned lobby area for our guests plus complimentary tea and newspapers. WiFi service is also available.

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