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Translation:  日本の  |  中国的

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About World Buddhist Centre


World Buddhist Centre offers facilities in Delhi and Leh (Ladakh) for pilgrims, meditation practitioners and those seeking a quiet place to stay. We are an international non-sectarian Buddhist temple founded in 1996 under the direction of Venerable Nakamura Gyomyo. Our temple strives to provide the local community with a public place for quiet reflection and prayer where everyone is welcome.

We have a well maintained facility to help us provide our guests with a positive and restful experience: Same time we are happy to inform you that our Ladakh Shanti Stupa Guest Rooms are opened in 2013. People who want to stay and meditation, you may book the room from this E mail ID. Ladakh Shanti Stupa Guest House areopen from May to October.

Conference Room / Lecture Room
Calm Environment
Japanese Style Dining Room
Three Vegetarian Meals Daily
Meditation Room
Internet, ISD & STD Facilities, Free WiFi
Wooden Air-Conditioned Lobby
Travel Assistance and Airport Pickup / Drop Off
Non Smoking, Non Alcohol, Pure Vegetarian.
Spiritual Consultant and Buddhist Stadying.
Library in English and Japanese



World Buddhist Centre is just 16 km from New Delhi International Airport, 10 km from New Delhi Railway Station and only 5km from Bus Terminus (ISBT- Sarai Kale Khan) and Nizamudin Railway Station. 



Our Team

Our resident monastic and staff consist of individuals from India, Nepal, Ladakh, Japan and Canada.

The temple staff can assist with travel information, dietary concerns, transportation to and from the airport and anything else that our visitors might need.

Our resident monks are also available for consultation and guidance. 

     Enquiry Form
Name *
Phone *
Email *
Country *
Query & Comments






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